For a truly gastronomic adventure, head to Newton Food Centre in Singapore near to Klimt Cairnhill. Nestled beside the Singapore River, this hawker centre has been a go-to destination for foodies all across Singapore for decades. This hawker centre prides itself on serving “authentic” Chinese and Malay dishes, hawker fare from various parts of China & even Indian cuisine. The Food Centre prides itself on providing a wide variety of food from many countries, but its specialty is Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Malay food. Get out of your hectic life style and get into some good old-fashioned Chinese at this hawker centre.

Newton Food Centre located at Klimt Cairnhill Condo started as a humble hawker centre serving only local cuisines on a tiny budget. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most popular hawker centres in the country, serving cuisines from almost every country in the world. The buffet dining area at the Food Centre offers a wide selection of international cuisine at very affordable prices. With a warm & friendly staff at your service, you can easily find any dish you wish for in this hawker centre.

Newton Food Centre Close to Klimt Cairnhill Location

The hawker centres of Singapore gradually developed into a mini-mall in the evenings when the weather becomes cooler. There are many fine restaurants and night clubs found here. It is however always recommended to check out reviews before ordering through the internet or telephonically. This is because many restaurants make last-minute changes to their menus just to fill up their cabinets.

This hawker centre prides itself with a rich & varied history. It was established in the 19th century by a Chinese cookery expert, Mr. Yeo Pei Sun, who started the hawker centre after working in the West Coast Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong. There are also a number of temples here from different religions. You will also find a Chinese temple & church located at the same corner of the hawker centre. A walk through the hawker centre’s history will take you back in time to a small country village where the hawkers still sell hawker food to the locals.

Various Eateries Located at Newton Food Centre

The hawker centre at Newton Food Centre near Klimt Cairnhill Singapore is a one-stop shop where one can get all kinds of food from sea foods to ethnic Chinese delicacies. The buffet dining area even allows you to watch live human juggling while preparing your food. For those who want to shop, they can enter the hawker centre’s China town area and look around. There are also street hawkers dotted around the area selling a variety of fresh seafood, local products, handicrafts and much more.

If it is history that is enchanting, then the hawker centres at Newton Food Centre Singapore have just the thing to fill your appetite. The hawker centres of Singapore gradually grew into a very large shopping destination. The hawker centres at Newton, with its vast array of retro-reflective windows & doors & a colonial facade set against a backdrop of the blue sky, gives it a unique character that definitely attracts shoppers. Of course, there are many other amazing attractions around Newton including the national museum & the science centre.

The center itself also has an amazing & extensive collection of antiques, with rare works of art such as a 18C English engraving, Chinese porcelain & beautiful statuary. There are also some very interesting museums in this centre, which include the China Town Museum & the Arts Centre. There are also a very large Chinatown & a very well-maintained Chinatown museum that houses a wide array of antique objects. All these attractions ensure that visitors get a great shopping experience here.

The best part about hawker centres is that they cater for a wide range of food items. You can get varied ranges of foods such as Chinese food, Indian food, regional Thai, continental, regional European, as well as local Singaporean food. In addition to these, you will find snacks, coffee bars and fast food available here. There are many hawker centres in Singapore that are equipped with modern kitchens & they are fully equipped to prepare any kind of food. So, visit any of these centers in Singapore and satisfy your appetite now.

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