Orchard Road

Klimt Cairnhill Road by Real Estate Developer Low Keng Huat Next to Orchard

About Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer

Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited (LKHS), founded in 1969 as a general construction company with $150,000 in capital, has blossomed into a massive, diverse corporate group. This group is comprised of thirty-three subsidiaries and twelve business affiliates engaged in real estate investment, development, civil engineering and general construction. Its investment properties, located in China, Malaysia and Singapore, span the East Asian region. LKHS has also expanded into the hospitality industry. The company owns and manages the luxurious full-service Duxton Hotel in Perth, Australia, as well as the “Carnivore” food and beverage company in Singapore.

Of course, LKHS is best known as an award-winning developer that has helped transform Singapore’s skyline. Its innovative construction projects have been quite varied, ranging from record-breaking commercial skyscrapers to major public works. LKHS has helped construct various commercial buildings, shopping malls, residential complexes, hotels and has even worked to restore one of Singapore’s most prized historic landmarks. Working with Singapore’s Housing and Development Board, between 1970 and 1973, the company completed the first integrated retail-residential development in Southeast Asia. This People’s Park Complex, consisting of a shopping mall and residential block, set the standard for future retail developments in Singapore. In 1976, LKHS completed the OCBC Centre tower. At 197.7 meters tall, it was the tallest building in Southeast Asia at the time. The developer later, between 1991 and 1996, worked to restore the historic CHIJMES complex, which had started its life in the mid-1800s as a convent, chapel and orphanage. In so doing, LKHS transformed it into a vibrant commercial area and won the URA Architectural Heritage Award. More recently, in 2010, the company completed and opened its Hard Rock Hotel and Convention Centre on Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

Awards Won by Low Keng Huat Developer

On numerous occasions, LKHS has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its excellence as a builder. In 1990, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) ranked it as the top local construction company in Singapore. The firm’s MAS Building, completed in 1985, was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the CIDB and the Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Construction Excellence Award. The BCA has also awarded LKHS its highly prized Construction Excellence Award for its work on the Islamic Centre of Singapore, New Tech Park, Duxton Hotel, Singapore Post Centre and Treetops Executive Residence. The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) has presented the construction firm with its Prix d’Excellence Award for its efforts on One North Residences and Duchess Residences. FIABCI selects winners for this coveted prize based on overall merit and what it considers “optimal solutions” to property needs, rather than on just mere aesthetics and functionality.

As you can clearly see, LKHS has had an extraordinary first fifty years in business. Innovative, trend-setting and award-winning, LKHS has proven itself to be in the vanguard of the real estate investment and development industry. Looking into the future, LKHS’s potential seems quite limitless.